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Why no one online xdd?
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o ok
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Heyo bois
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      Greetings new player! Welcome to
Raging Inferno

Who are we and how to join?

Raging Inferno (RI) is a gaming community, clan, and importantly a friendly family of players committed to, having fun, more fun, and lots of fun! Some of the games we enjoy playing are... Chess,, Stick Empires, Town of Salem and more.

In order to join all you have to do is go to our *apply here* page and do as the process asks, we'd love to have you, and if you stay long enough maybe you'll make your way high up in the ranks of the clan!

- Destoryer13579 - sirEthan
RI leaders

RI news and announcements

Some new announcements in the clan. For one thing, Destroyer is working on a awards system, not much has been said about this but it might be a fun perk for active members to have some enjoyment with.
Secondly, one of our latest games added to the clan is..., yet another fun .io we all know and love, this one is very difficult for newcomers, but once you understand how to survive and how to play the game is a unique experience and loads of fun!

We Rage, We Win, We Conquer!
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6th Jan EGgamez13 just joined our community, welcome!
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Yes from me.
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I agree with most of it. However, I do not agree that we cannot admin/run anothe...
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