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28th Aug 2018

After some few jokes and ideas, I decided to create a story of RI members only which is called "Faith", hope you guys enjoy my story.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is made completely for entretainment purpose, I don't mean anyone anything by this story, so hope you guys enjoy this story, so please don't feel offended.
Contains excessive swearing just for fun

Episode 1:
Raging Infernos has survived the death of their leader, Destroyer, by KewlKid. Which the members are landing right now in Los Angeles, US. Luckily, Ethan, the actual owner of RI, has survived KewlKid's onslaught which he made Franklin his clan leader instead of OFE and William. But some members disagree with Franklin's leadership.

2 hours later, Limit called Fhaiqal to meet in the street:
-Limit : Hey fhaiqal
-Fhaiqal : Hello limit, what'cha want?
-Limit : Can we talk?
-Fhaiqal : Of course, let's meet in the street ok?
-Limit : Cool. And don't forget to bring all other members.
-Fhaiqal : Ok.[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)](edited)

Episode 2:
Limit has met Fhaiqal in the street, bringing Pax, SecretMember, idie, FacuFeri, WyzDM, UrghBla, AsePlayer, Gaismail, Harcold, Karon, OFE, William and Al1234, they want to talk about Franklin's leadership and their plans:

-Limit : Alright listen guys, now the clan has got a new leader, Franklin, which is simply unacceptable, I don't know why Ethan took that decision, but I gotta need your reactions for this to deal with him.
-FacuFeri : Agreed with you, I don't like him, he's a fucking retard, Ethan was such a dick because he made him a leader.
-SecretMember : Yeah I don't like him too. He's annoying.
-Fhaiqal : Now listen boys, we want him out of this clan ASAP so I'm gonna explain you the plan shortly.
-Gaismail : You guys are all dicks, what is your problem exactly with him? I don't see him annoying or obnoxious in the chat at all.
-Pax : Yeah agreed, why would you guys hate him? Did he do something stupid? He's not retarded and he's a friendly person in Discord, so could you please guys explain what is the exact problem?
-FacuFeri : Don't be a fucking retard, Pax. He's not cool.
-William : He said the truth, why you call him a retard? I don't see any point of hating Franklin.
-Al1234 : Shut the f*ck up, william.
-Gaismail : You shut up, idiotic cunt. Just look at yourself before looking at others.
-WyzDM : This is really boring so I guess I should go, bye
-UrghBla : Yeah me too, this sh*t is boring.
-AsePlayer : Well I'm going too, you just wasted my time, Limit[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)](edited)

Episode 3:
Tomorrow, Limit met with Facu, WyzDM, SecretMember, idie, AL1234 and Fhaiqal to plan about taking down Ethan and Franklin an convincing WyzDM to help them on their plans.
-Limit : Well there's the plan, we gotta take down Franklin ASAP.
-FacuFeri : How can we do that???
-Fhaiqal : So easy, killing him.
-WyzDM : Are you fucking serious?!
-SecretMember : Yeah we're serious.
-Limit : Without bullshit, WyzDM, are you on our side or Franklin's side?
-Al1234 : On our side cmon.
-FacuFeri : You'll help us a lot, be with us.
-WyzDM : Alright, I'll be with you.
-idie : Yay, you will help us a ton.
-Limit : Alright, there's the plan, WyzDM's going to kidnap Ethan, No one will know that, then we will call Franklin to lure him through our trap and we'll threaten him by killing Ethan if he brought someone with him. Then boom! Franklin's dead, two birds with one stone, boys!
-FacuFeri : clap Very good plan.
-SecretMember : Gonna get rid of both.

Episode 4:
Limit has gone to his old studio with a gun on his hand, taking Ethan after he picked him off, then he called Fhaiqal and the others to lure Franklin in the studio so he can take him out:
-Fhaiqal : Hey Franklin.
-Franklin : What do you want, Fhaiqal?
-Fhaiqal : Nothing just have got some good news to tell you about Ethan.
-Franklin : What are those news?
-Fhaiqal : Very good news.
-Franklin : Speak.
-Fhaiqal : We have got Ethan on our hands, baby. Come before it's too late.
-Franklin : Leave Ethan alone, or I'll snap your neck.
-Fhaiqal : You are wasting time, baby. I'll send you the coordinates in Discord. Come before it's too late.

Episode 5:
WyzDM choosed to betray Limit and tell to Franklin everything Limit prepared in his studio, he decided to call him to tell him the whole plan:
-WyzDM : Hey Frank.
-Franklin : Hey WyzDM, I'm busy now.
-WyzDM : I have some important news about Ethan, Limit is planning to kill you with other members, don't go. Reverse quickly.
-Franklin : Oh damnit, I should bring others, before I get shot.

Franklin called the others (Pax, Gaismail, William, UrghBla, AsePlayer, OFE, Harcold and Karon) for help:
-Franklin : Alright boys, Ethan and I are now in danger, I should need your help quickly before it's too late.
-Gaismail : What's cracking?
-Franklin : Limit decided to kidnap Ethan and kill me at the same time, which it's dangerous.
-William : Oh f*ck, Limit the motherfucker, come one let's go. We should save Ethan ASAP.
-AsePlayer : Damn, and now where are they, Franklin???
-Franklin : Fhaiqal already sent me the coordinates, so we should go.

Episode 6:
Finally Franklin and the others reached Ethan's location, Limit has got a gun in Ethan's head and the others were in front of him, so Franklin entered to the studio to save Ethan from Limit:
-Limit : Now Franklin's coming, Shhh
-SecretMember : Where's WyzDM???? He's too late.
-Franklin : WyzDM's here, not with you. Now leave Ethan alone.
-Fhaiqal : WyzDM you f*ck, you set us up.
-Gaismail : Leave the f*ck Ethan alone, or I'm gonna f*ck you up.
-Franklin : I don't know why are you doing this, Limit. Because of me? Huh? Because I'm the clan leader? Are you mad? If you are mad, let us talk like gentlemen.
-Limit : I haven't got anything to talk with you, idiot.
-William : Shut the f*ck up, Limit. Free Ethan now!!!
-Franklin : Calm down, william.
-Fhaiqal : Limit loading gun Don't try to. Now leave this place or Ethan's dead. It's your choice.

Limit loaded his gun, and Franklin ran into Limit to save Ethan from him, but unfortunately, Franklin got shot.

Finally what's gonna happen next?
Episode 7 is coming soon!

Episode 7:
Unfortunately, Franklin, the actual RI leader, has died, and Ethan has completely disappeared, including Limit and his friends. Pax Orderia finds out Franklin's home and family, which he is going to send them his condolences. By coincidence, Pax met RES's crown holder and his friend, Antis and Nyarlathotep, they were going to Franklin's house too to send their condolences.
Pax asked Antis about Secret Squad's collapse, which Nyarlathotep already knows that because he met SecretMember yesterday like normal, so Pax told Antis that Limit killed Franklin. However, Pax decided to search for SecretMember in the forest because he is the only one who knows Limit and Ethan's location, but when blocked by idie2, he was able to find Secret's location with the help of William and Gaismail. But fortunately, Antis successfully found SecretMember in the street and catched him. Gaismail locked him into WyzDM's studio, with his help, so they can find Limit's location.

Episode 8 coming soon! Leave your votes!

Episode 8 :
SecretMember is now kidnapped in WyzDM's studio so he can give to William Limit's location, which Aeroface knows about it because he met him in New York. Luckily, William called him to ask him about Limit's location, so he figured it out, but he had to call WyzDM and Antis to free SecretMember out of the studio, but unfortunately, something weird happened to Gaismail which it interrupted William's plans about taking down Limit.

Episode 9 coming soon! Leave your votes! It's short anyway.
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Last Edit: 21st Sep 2018 by Franklin
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28th Aug 2018

Hmmm,not bad.But I'm sure you can make it better! 8/10 I mean I give you 8!

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29th Aug 2018

nice story, btw im shocked about what's gonna happen in the 7th episode
a 9/10 from me, i liked the story
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8th Sep 2018

Episode 7 released! Don't forget to leave your votes!
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8th Sep 2018

Am I evil in this story
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16th Sep 2018

I have one line in this, and it is not what I would say at all
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19th Sep 2018

Secret Squad is dead,I deleted it by the way,still waiting 8th episode.
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21st Sep 2018

Episode 8 released!
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21st Sep 2018

Pls type 9 and 10th episode at a same day.Good story it was btw.
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21st Sep 2018

Legit called my appearance a day before Ep. 8, lol.
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Tell me you feel alriiight~

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