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How to make an application?
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21st Feb 2016

Thank you for taking your time to join the clan, in order to get past the first step you must first register in our site you are currently at (click register at the top right), after that please follow this link!

https://www.flexiquiz.com ... b7-9742-1a32772ac24a

Then just wait for it to get accepted, be sure to stay active.

If you where already a member once and would like to rejoin please copy and paste this format into a thread in our application section in the forums, and fill out the questions!

Copy and Paste this into your Re-Application

(Insert Names) Re-application to Raging Infernos

Why did you leave RI?

Do you have any unresolved fights with any of the members?

Why would you like to rejoin?

Why should we consider letting you re-join?

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