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21st Feb 2016

Being here in RI is a wonderful opportunity, but with that comes responsibility to obey the rules here.

If you obey these rules, then your time here will be wonderful. 


1. OBEY EVERYBODY. We are all humans here. No reason to be picking on others for any reason.

2. Respect the Leaders, the members, and anybody of rank in Raging Infernos. They have all earned their spot.

3. No spamming the chat box, or forums with stupid crap. Or multi posting.

4. No foul language. Swearing for fun is good here and there, but using it against somebody will get you in serious trouble here.

5. No pornographic pictures, movies, site links, etc allowed.

6. If you need help, ask nicely, no need to demand.

7. Have fun - We are a very fun community here at RI and try to make everybody's stay as enjoyable as possible. Obey these rules, and you'll find this a special place to you.

If you are filling out an app,

put "Pickle Juice Massacre" at the bottom so we know you read the rules.

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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Forum » Forums » Applications Locked
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