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Clan talk and debunking a silly myth!
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Lets start with the myth in case any outsiders are forwarded to this... There is some talk about Raging Infernos being a dead clan. I just wanted to point out that yes, we are having troubles expanding and a few months ago hit a major low spot for the clan. But we're actively working to grow and we've been succeeding.
-On average there are about 5 active members in the discord all the time with another 3 or so none members in it.
-We commonly host events that gather outsiders and our current event has over 20 people in it with 80 dollars involved
-We have a total of just under 15 active members, so we don't just have 5 people who are active.
-We recently have got 3 new members in the clan and are starting to have weekly gaming days with a new game we've expanded to.

Now does that sound like an inactive clan? This is a silly rumor spread by the Aseplayer's of the world, you gotta start somewhere

So now that that silly myth is over with, I wanna go over the state of the clan and its current condition. So firstly, just as I said above, we're getting much more active and growing, but we shouldn't stop here, keep inviting people in and getting them active, maybe find some old members and dig them up!

I really am looking to also make the website much more relevant. Thought our members officially voted to keep the website we don't use it as much and we should really utilize the website more. I'm gonna try to develop ways the average member would want to check the place and post. One thing I'll do is get the calendar in use again, maybe plan out some weekly clan activities. Destroyer had a rewards thing he was working on, and if he gets a bit more active he can implement this as well.

Since we are talking about Destroyer, I wanna talk for him a bit. So basically Destroyer's job for the clan as I see it, isn't to be active and on discord all the time, Destroyer's job in the clan is simply to come in every now and then and do big changes and check ups, he isn't the 100 percent active leader, that's my job. Destroyer has a life and we have to respect that, but I will say he still needs to step up his activity.

And lastly, be sure to check out our new game, this one has a bit more hope for it, we already got one extra member from the game!

We rage, we win, we conquer! (leave website activity suggestions below)
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Maybe we should cement events more often and make posts about them here for the benefit of outsiders so they know what's going on? They might feel more motivated to join us in our gaming sessions that way, and everyone can be happy.

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I think RI needs a new update.Maybe update is attrects some of them.10 RI Members,we need more members and more apps.We can invite RI discord of RI clan.I think it's can work.And i play play sometimes but so good better.(I think.)
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Aren't we more of a gaming community then a clan now? This used to be a clan of SE but now we have no official game which means we are an community?

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General gaming clan, that's totally a thing :thumbsup:

Actually I find it kinda cool that we still consider ourselves a clan and not a community, lots of the other groups don't still do that.

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