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Official Discord Only Vote
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Should we go discord only?


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14th Dec 2017

 So Limit and Ase have really been asking for RI to go Discord only, we've been discussing this in our server, so here is the official vote.

 Also, please don't take this lightly, the growth of the clan should be considered here, we're discussing where members will be joining and our first impressions.

So lets look over some of the major points for each group

The first group, being Limit and Aseplayer, pretty much want to get current with other gaming communities and release the clan from the burden, burden being the clan. Ase made a decent point pretty much saying he'd rather sit back on discord then hassle with a website. They also say that everything on the site can be replaced on discord.

The second group being pretty much everyone else in the clan points to things like, apps being easier here, poles and rules. And my point where I said it is good if we want to be professional and do things on sites we can't on discord, imagine the future RI site looking like this gaming clan that is much bigger then us

Of course, this is my personal bias talking, but I'd also say logic too, after I made my big post the response I got was, "No site. Thx sirEthan",  I mean look at this 10/10 defense...
I feel like we should keep the site for organasation of apps, poles, and where the rules are at. I do not see a problem with the website.


i like website for apps


Ase and Limit just don't have the interest in the clan to keep the website, sounds like they are the only ones interested in discord only, I think this is easily closed.


Be sure to post your thoughts and vote, hope I represented both sides well.
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14th Dec 2017

sorry for the double post but the forum isn't processing the copy paste if your wondering the that gibberish is, I'll try to edit that out.
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14th Dec 2017

Well said here. I do not think Ase and Limit should be acting the way they are to defend such an argument, though I have heard them defend their views professionally.

I like the website. To our point, as this clan grows, the website will be more active, and we can look more professional than just a discord.

Discord should be used for chat rooms. Voice chats, channels to play games together, and stuff like that. It should be a place where we connect to each other and talk in an instant. Not a messy glob of chat rooms to represent everything this website has on it.

The website has always acted best as a professional place to come together, VOTE, RECRUIT, paste rules, make announcements, and very nicely put Raging Infernos updates on.

The website will keep growing and changing with the clan. I like to think of Discord as the place everybody is when we're not on the website. AKA, a CHAT room for specific topics. Not a forum. Not an event calendar. Not a member's list. Etc. Discord is NOT a replacement for our biggest features.

This website has always been a part of RI, and it served us well. We've never had any problems with it.

If you wanna stay on Discord 24/7, you be my guest. But it will hurt your overall reputation by not staying active in all of RI's community. Yes, this website community is STILL active, and at large. There is no need to move entirely to a Discord.

My vote for this is "No", we do not need to move.
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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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17th Dec 2017

2 to 5, I think we can safely say this ones over.

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