idie2 (M) 6:09 PM
there is a thing called reporting a website bug
sirEthan (Elite) 6:01 PM
At all, and no one please try to reset the password because the recovery emails are bugged or shut down or something
sirEthan (Elite) 6:00 PM
I've lost access to the clan alt, idk why I haven't given the password to anyone
Destroyer13579 (L) 20th Jul
Coffee, make an introduction again, and you may skip the re-apply process.
CoffeeLover 19th Jul
That would make sense... This is so statistically unlikely. A straight year and a half without any activity, and then there is the industrial revolution sh*t. LVL, you weren't joking when you said "RI is back"
William1 (M) 19th Jul
no you are good, destroyer should let you come back without one
CoffeeLover 19th Jul
Wait... I have to reapply?:/
CoffeeLover 19th Jul
WOAH. RI is back?!
sirEthan (Elite) 19th Jul
All the activity is in the discord Destroyer lol No body comes here but me and you
Destroyer13579 (L) 19th Jul
Ayye let's pick up activity
sirEthan (Elite) 17th Jul
Check out the new'ish' replay channel in the RI discord
kigu (M) 17th Jul
Im busy studying gonna be inactive for a while....
karon (M) 17th Jul
lets not.....
sirEthan (Elite) 16th Jul
I am inviting DK to our discord, lets try to get better relations with them
gaismail (M) 16th Jul
Im one's on from TZ
William1 (M) 15th Jul
yea lets not let TZ beat us we will be the new generation of pro player, they are nothing now but oldies :p. Rain will have no mercy sunday
gaismail (M) 14th Jul
I'n not against you, I'm still your friend. But to be honest, I take Ethan's side on this. Now, let's drop this subject from here and kick some TZ @$$! Eh?
gaismail (M) 14th Jul
Well Destroyer, since you've locked the thread, I'm gonna say this here. Theoden, you gotta admit dude. You OOSed and boosted a lot in the past, which is kinda the reason why SE is dead. Mystery, GaleForce, Rain; all these guys left because of the mess you caused.
sirEthan (Elite) 14th Jul
Its ok, wej ust want some activity that's all
SleepyBear (M) 14th Jul
Sorry for not being for like two day, it getting really busy at work lately
Rank Permissions
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3rd Jul

This thread contains pretty much everything everyone needs to know about their ranks in RI, it is required that members read the responsibilities of their current ranks so they are aware, and please read the next 3 paragraphs.And whenever a major change happens in this thread it will be put in the changelog at the bottom of the page so members can see what has changed, whenever major things happen in the changelog I'll say so in the shoutbox. Thank you.

Starting things off, Raging Inferno is not about ranks, ranks are simply here to signify experience, participation and they are to assign people to carry out certain duties. No one should covet anyone's rank or have a bias look toward someone because of their rank.

All members in RI can state their opinion in a pending application and it will be noticed. When we say that an elder's words may have more weight in an app (application) we do not mean that lower ranked members do not have important opinions, even a leaders opinion can be overcome by a multitude of votes. We are just saying that higher ranked members may have more weight in the yes or no balance in a app. We encourage pending app discussions being a group effort.

The last thing before we get to the juicy stuff, warnings can only be sent by certain people, read your rank to determine if you can send a warning to people. On the first warning you should casually point out the mistake and be friendly, the second warning should be a little more assertive and on the third warning you will include a punishment that the leaders and or higher ranked members with decide on.

There is a sort of F.A.Q. at the bottom of the page which I really suggest reading . If anyone has other questions that you would like to know just ask, and if you have suggestions regarding the ranks feel free to post so below. If any of the leaders or anyone else does not agree with this please tell me so, me and Destroyer discussed the creation of this post.


The first rank in RI, this has no duties or much worth noting, just make sure your attendance and posting is going at a decent pace and make a great impression.

You're voice in app's is slightly more important, you can't give out warnings yet. Not much to mention in this rank.

This rank is a bit higher now, you can carry out some of the duties of slightly higher ranked members if they are failing too. Some higher ranked people might assign you some things to do, I would suggest you spend a lot of time enhancing your Stick Empires skill in this rank. You can also give yeses or no's in apps now.

This is the first rank where you get more privileges and duties,
-you can now send out warnings to people
-you're voice is much more important in an app
- you can arrange preps as long as you discuss the arrangements with other higher ranked RI members
-You may have more duties with this rank, example, at the time of writing this I am an elite, and I'm simply doing a job that is helping out the site. .
-may have access to the clan alt RIxRI is you are trusted
You must be around the rank of 2k and have done something for the community to achieve this ramk

Another very high level
-may have access to the clan alt RIxRI is you are trusted
-you may send out warnings
-you may arrange preps as long as you discuss it with other higher ranked members,
this is a step above elite and you should be an experienced SE player that has done something for the community.

The second biggest rank in RI, you are a step below the leaders
-may have access to the clan alt RIxRI is you are trusted
-your say in apps should be listened to -
-you can give out warnings
-you can arrange preps, again make sure you discuss the prep arrangement with other higher ranks.
You should be a great SE player and you should have done lots for the clan. Some website toggle abilities may be implemented in this account in a later day.

This has all the duties and privileges of all the other ranks and possibly more. There should always be more then one active leader. Leaders should not be rude but nice, they should not go into the rank if they are not willing to handle the job. People with this rank who fail its position will face punishment(s) and it isn't taken lightly. You should be a great SE player and you should have done many things for the RI community, this shows you have what it takes to be a leader.


How often do promotions happen and how do I get promoted?
Promotions comes every two months. You can get promoted by being active and doing your duties well, being and nice and so forth...

Can I get promoted up multiple ranks?
People getting promoted by two ranks can happen, I don't recall anyone getting promoted by three ranks though, unless we are talking about Theo and Ase, and how they jumped straight into leader, that's a different discussion. Double rank jumps are not so common but are not impossible.

What if I'm below elite but I would like access to RIxRI?
Ask Destroyer if your reasoning is correct

What is RIxRI?
The main clan account.


-anyone in the clan can vote yes or no in an app now, for more info read the third paragraph in the post
-Some stuff has been reformatted
-some updates to the Ranks section
-promotions are now once every two months not three
-New questions in the F.A.Q.

Last Edit: 3rd Jul by sirEthan
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3rd Jul

Alright, since the Constitution isn't fully done, I can see why there are some things that need slightly touched on.

- I will move this thread to the  "About Raging Infernos" forum.

- Promotions are now every two months. So at 9/2/17, we will have out first promotion ceremony. As far as getting promoted multiple ranks, it is UNLIKELY, unless you did something super extravagant for the clan. Like being online literally 24/7, posting in the forums a lot, keeping the activity going, recruiting people, etc. Unlikely. But still possible.

- Add more to the Leader rank. As a Leader, acting childish, inappropriate, rude, or anything that is not expected of a Leader, you will be appropriately punished for as long as it goes along with the Constitution. 

- About applications and Members. Let's touch up on this. Members DO have a say in applications. Read this excerpt from our Constitution:
"- ALL MEMBERS OF ALL RANKS have a voice in applications. Your rank does not determine your voice. Everybody's voice is taken into consideration." Further stating: " - Leaders do have the FINAL call in applications. However, if the leaders say no, and the power of the Members saying yes outweighs them, the application MUST be Accepted."
- The Official Raging Infernos Constitution

Just thought I'd clear this up.

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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3rd Jul

The post will be under some maintenance now, will prob make a changelog so you can be updated.
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