Charrog's Re-Re-Introduction
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3rd Aug 2017

So... Uh. This clan. I've been here for quite some time. And uh we collapsed some time ago. And we were inactive for quite a while. And then out of pretty much nowhere Destroyer revived this sh*t. And LVL told me that RI has revived. And so I came back. Its nice to see a lot of new people here though it also is sad to see some of our old members gone (RIP Hash). So, hopefully the older members know me but I shall give an introduction nonetheless to the newer members here.

I'm Charrog, also known as Coffee, though I prefer Charrog but I don't want to change my nickname here. I'm a 25 year old theoretical physicist who studies particularly quantum mechanics as a whole, string theory, differential  topology, vector calculus (as a mathematician), vector spaces as such, particle physics, and have dived into a lot of other things. This is a clan introduction so, yeah I'm just a guy who is way older than he is supposed to be on this site. I played SE since. Well pretty much the beginning. And I thought it was interesting and this stuff is pretty interesting as well. So its nice to see RI revived. There I did it, my shitty introduction.

We should have stuck with engin.

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3rd Aug 2017

Welcome back Coffee! Good to see you mate. Re-application?

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