GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 1:55 PM
Stop spamming.We understood you're new.
smeak_98 12:23 PM
i am new
smeak_98 12:23 PM
smeak_98 12:23 PM
GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 16th Oct
Ethan u lazy gay boi start promotions,demotions.
Fhaiqal (Elite) 15th Oct
Fhaiqal (Elite) 15th Oct
Ethan u lazy gay boi give aero a rak already
Aeroface 13th Oct
Oi, visitors! Destroyer is streaming at 11:30 PM EST. You're welcome to join!
Empiresma's Introduction to Raging Infernos.
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Hi , I think most of you know me lol . I'm 17 years old my real name is Massi I play stick empires , payday the heist, Gmod and Counter strike Global Offensive . I'm the leader of DK but now there's no more DK since I closed it . Anyways , I hope you'll accept me here :-) 
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31st Aug 2017

no go away
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TheSadist 028
[21:11] <@[TZ]DAZ> a champion is built on how little fucks they give about how they win

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