how can i to be member?
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14th Aug 2017

please I want to be member
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14th Aug 2017

Step One: Introduce yourself (since you already have an intro, consider that part done...I suppose).

Step Two: Make an application (read ALL of the sticky topics besides the Re-App format in the Applications forum first). Copypaste the Application format into Notepad/Notes/Microsoft Word/Whatever and make the necessary edits.

Step Three: Watch as we judge you.
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Tell me you feel alriiight~

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14th Aug 2017

lol he joins clans to get membership . He also scammed imysterylordi .. (btw he was a DK member and he's banned now just to inform you ..)
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14th Aug 2017

Well why you want to multi-clan that be so stupid you stick with your clan no matter what and i'm 95% RI agrees with me. Your a good person and all just stick with your clan.
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22nd Aug 2017

f*ck off booster/scammer
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