Pax Orderia (M) 19th Sep
~~Does crossout text function here?~~
GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 16th Sep
I think so,you're sexy guy ever I seen.
Harcold (Advoc) 16th Sep
I remember Harcold. Nice guy pretty sexy
I didn't really left
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16th Jul

Hello guys
I'm actually back playing stick empires it's still fun game to play again I also play other games , I'll be verry actif  
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16th Jul

Glad to have you back, we also got into and Starcraft II while you where gone
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16th Jul

and MORE GAMES anyway welcomw

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Don't Blame Me I was Born Awsome

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16th Jul

good to see you back
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17th Jul

Nice to hear you're back .Welcome.

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18th Jul

Welcome back Empiresma. Good to have you again.
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