GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 1:55 PM
Stop spamming.We understood you're new.
smeak_98 12:23 PM
i am new
smeak_98 12:23 PM
smeak_98 12:23 PM
GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 16th Oct
Ethan u lazy gay boi start promotions,demotions.
Fhaiqal (Elite) 15th Oct
Fhaiqal (Elite) 15th Oct
Ethan u lazy gay boi give aero a rak already
Aeroface 13th Oct
Oi, visitors! Destroyer is streaming at 11:30 PM EST. You're welcome to join!
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10th Jul 2017

Hey, my name’s Aeroface. I’m chill most of the time, and I’m a dude. I come from Canada, too. You can mainly find me on
SE, saying the odd thing every few minutes or so. I’m also very, very lazy. 

 (damn emotes lel)

Well, there's really not much else to say after that. So...seeya.

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"Thank you for your dark business." -Odin Dark, Fire Emblem Fates

Last Edit: 10th Jul 2017 by Aeroface
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