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3rd Dec 2017

I’m 15, I live in Louisiana, as he so loves to point out, I’m william1’s real life friend (his only one) I’m 5’3” I make mostly straight a’s, and enjoy being anywhere but at school I mostly play on ps4, but I sometimes l play SE
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3rd Dec 2017

Ew, no get out


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3rd Dec 2017

midgets do not belong here sorry
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3rd Dec 2017


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4th Dec 2017

you must be at least 6' to be here sorry (only exception being me ofc)

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4th Dec 2017

I liked it... but some others don't like short people and robot lord I am sorry to inform you but I highly doubt most of are clan is above 6' so apply If you want to join
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5th Dec 2017

i liked it too,make an app and hope you can get accept here.

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