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Was my intro good ?

Nah you sux
What is Wakfu ?
An AOE player ?! Wowow I'm not alone here
You seems to be a good person, welcom here !
It's time for the french bashing hehehehehe

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22nd Jul 2018

Alright everyone I'm kinda new here so hello to everybody ! Before we start I'll devided this thread into 2 parts; IRL and IG.
Okay... So let's start shall we ?! 

I/ IRL. 
I'm Baptiste, 19 years old. I live in France near Paris. I love reading SciFi and fantasy books, specifically Asimov (the one who inspired the film "I,Robot" and Tolkien (Lord of the Rings blablabla) I practice jogging and Meditation, both really help with all the stress that I have to encounter on my everyday life *sad story with sad violon music on the background*. I'm not really a "gamer" but I kinda enjoy playing video games, sometimes. I'm currently studying History and Geography, 2 subjects that I'm fond of.  


Well, not a lot to say. I'm not a great gamer, I'm not a top tier player. 
I love f*ucking RTS game. I play both Stick Empire and Age of Empire II on Voobly. 
Stick Empire is a cool game tho, but he has flaws too; Top tier empire that beat the other and 700 pings every game. But, nevermind, everyone knows that. I kinda enjoy the game however because he is so unique ! I'm Arakabel or Arak', an Order player. I was a former ET player that kinda leave due to bad connection, personnal isue and my desire to focus on other aspects of life. 
In my teenage I used to play MMORPG games as well such as Wakfu ( I'm sure no one knows it... Nevermind) 

Well, with everything said, I hope you had a good time here ! 
Let's be friend ! 
Love you
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22nd Jul 2018

Hello.Welcome to the server,please make a application and join to a Raging Infernos Discord server.

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22nd Jul 2018

wow! Nice intro next step is to create a app

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Don't Blame Me I was Born Awsome

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31st Jul 2018

Alright, I got you
Thank you by the way !
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31st Jul 2018

"Hehe, the French..."

All English vs French jokes aside, this is a brilliant introduction (one that I may or may not have borrowed the basic structure of), and I look forward to seeing you join.
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