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27th Jul 2018

Hello everybody

I'm considered as a newbie for you guys in SE, so let me introduce myself.
I'm Franklin , a 20 year old American who has proper english in chat like some of you such as Aeroface  or Darquess. I enjoy discussing some topics like art or games updates, especially related to online stuff, and in my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing some online games such as Fortnite or PUBG or even Clash Royale.

The simple reason I have begun playing Stick Empires is that I was playing Stick War 2, a RTS game which I completed it's Inamorta story in all difficulties (Normal/Hard/Insane). the main reason I started playing SE is the "Play Online" button, and then I discovered a new empire which is called Elemental and it's now unlocked for free because CrazyJay (The dev of SE) didn't get enough money from membership. 

Aside from Stick Empires, I would like to mention that I've got a server, which I'm close to 100 members in it, by the way, I enjoy listening to music artists such as Kendrick Lamar and some other artists. as a result, I ain't a gamer at all, and I'm not thinking about being it right now because I'm actually doing stages to get a job, in terms of SE, I'm classified as an intermediate player because my rating is 1.5k but I'm such a noob for you guys like Facu or William or Ethan, so I wanted to improve my skills in this game so I'll be a pro and a good player.

Thank you guys for reading my introduction and for supporting me for being one of the members of this clan!

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28th Jul 2018

Awesome intro.

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