Fhaiqal (N) 14th Jan
shout out to fhaiqal everyone go sub to fhaiqal great guy
sirEthan (L) 13th Jan
shoutbox lol
GoldMembership7 (Adv) 11th Jan
Hi there!
Fhaiqal (N) 11th Jan
Hello everyone
My introduction
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27th Jul 2018

Hello everybody

I'm considered as a newbie for you guys in SE, so let me introduce myself.
I'm Franklin , a 20 year old American who has proper english in chat like some of you such as Aeroface  or Darquess. I enjoy discussing some topics like art or games updates, especially related to online stuff, and in my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing some online games such as Fortnite or PUBG or even Clash Royale.

The simple reason I have begun playing Stick Empires is that I was playing Stick War 2, a RTS game which I completed it's Inamorta story in all difficulties (Normal/Hard/Insane). the main reason I started playing SE is the "Play Online" button, and then I discovered a new empire which is called Elemental and it's now unlocked for free because CrazyJay (The dev of SE) didn't get enough money from membership. 

Aside from Stick Empires, I would like to mention that I've got a server, which I'm close to 100 members in it, by the way, I enjoy listening to music artists such as Kendrick Lamar and some other artists. as a result, I ain't a gamer at all, and I'm not thinking about being it right now because I'm actually doing stages to get a job, in terms of SE, I'm classified as an intermediate player because my rating is 1.5k but I'm such a noob for you guys like Facu or William or Ethan, so I wanted to improve my skills in this game so I'll be a pro and a good player.

Thank you guys for reading my introduction and for supporting me for being one of the members of this clan!

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28th Jul 2018

Awesome intro.

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