My Introduction xD
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31st Oct 2017

hi guys i am DarkTomb555 im not always active in chat but im good in match heres my acc IFearlessFuryI code:642 u can add me and make me friend and i always like playing basketball and music
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31st Oct 2017

hey make an App
you are not making app
just make an app -.-
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31st Oct 2017

Nice intro. We'll be looking forward to your app.

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1st Nov 2017

Welcome! As others have said, make an app if you wish to stay here

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6th Nov 2017

i always like playing basketball and music ?xD You can't play music,you can listen music or you can play guitar and somethings
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7th Nov 2017

But gl to this clan.I hope you are will be accept this clan.
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