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23rd Jul 2018

Salutations everyone,

I'm comparatively new to SE in general, so here is my introduction.

My name is Pax Orderia, a 14 year old Briton who sounds somewhat like LVL 9001 or Aeroface according to some people (I am actually friends with LVL and help out on post-controversy FRENSHpedia, and I also was with Aero before he departed from SE). I enjoy discussing history quite a lot, especially related to Empires or conflicts, in particular that of Chinese or British history. Hence, I also enjoy drawing maps of made-up battles or kingdoms with a firm base in real life strategy, or simply writing reams of lore. One of my favourite authors is J.R.R. Tolkien, seeing as the first Tolkien-related book I received was in fact an encyclopedia of Tolkien, which simply immersed me in all of its lore.

The main reason I began playing Stick Empires (as opposed to just Stick War or Stick Wars 2) was due to my decision to begin writing "Eclipse of the Knights", a substantial novel on the once-obscure Stick Empire Fan Stories Wiki, which I have now effectively revived with a small community of writers. I felt that it would make sense to play the online version to get an insight into Chaos, and more specifically, the Juggerknights (which the story provides a back story of a back story for). Now, I'm in the process of growing that wiki, as well as maintaining the newer Stick Empires Wiki created by DragonArcherZ and Skeketonxf as an admin.

Aside from history and writing, I also enjoy music, and am studying it at school as a subject while playing the clarinet and oboe (two similar-looking, but very different wind instruments) to a moderate grade, as well as the keyboard. In terms of musical taste, I mostly enjoy listening to epic music (trailer music by composers such as Two Steps From Hell) and electronic music (such as TheFatRat), as well as some forms of rock music (such as Sabaton and Blind Guardian).

As a result, I wouldn't really describe myself as a gamer, although I have played many war-based strategy games before, such as Rome: Total War and Polytopia, a mobile game with similarities to Civilisation. In terms of Stick Empires, I am relatively inexperienced, with an elo rating fluctuating between 1250 to 1350, so I'm certainly not a "good" player by ranking standards, but the game is still rather fun to play, and I do attempt to improve in the time I have. It was also my first method of online interaction with anyone, so that was an interesting experience talking online.

And there is a brief (by my standards) synopsis of myself! Thanks for reading!

Yours sincerely,

Pax Orderia
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23rd Jul 2018

Wonderful introduction

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23rd Jul 2018

Holy sh*t intro is amazing m8 xd

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Don't Blame Me I was Born Awsome

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24th Jul 2018

Agree with Fhaiqal,lmao great intro!

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24th Jul 2018

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25th Jul 2018

this is a bit late but whatever, first of all great detailed intro, and also glad that you like fantasy, so do I, though I enjoy writing it ever so slightly more than reading it. Enjoy your stay as a member, if I would have been on I would have yes'ed it too.
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25th Jul 2018

I can't find words to describe your intro, wonderful.
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