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25th Jul 2017


Hello, I'm a 15 year old Canadian male. I'm a very friendly and honest person only giving out positive vibes. I'm willing to be dedicated and work hard to prove my worth in this clan, and always do my best no matter what. I play StickEmpires often, and I also play other games on Console. Besides video games, im an active person, I go for runs, played soccer for 9 years, I'm part of a track & field club, and starting to get myself into basketball. I also write music to express feelings that go on in my life.

Please get back to me, Thanks

StickEmpires Account is entitled "Zephyx" and my code is "632." Also have posted a song of mine below. 
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25th Jul 2017

Your intro is nice and detailed, I’m looking forward to your app.

Tell me you feel alriiight~

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25th Jul 2017

Very good and I agree areoface I look forward seeing your app my question is what else do we need to know and dont share personal info you dont want to share (for very obvious reasons) but other than that it's good
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