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20th Dec 2017

Hey guys, since our application process can be a bit laborious at times... This is a fellow man's application he sent in that I'll post for critiquing. (D and Will we should talk about the app changes)

Question 1 : How did you find this clan? Ethan was talking on starve.io community

Question 2: what type of games do you like to play? I like to play many .io games

Question 3: what games do you play right now? Rn, I play starve.io and moomoo.io mainly

Question 4: what are you looking forward to in this clan? I'm looking forward to play with people here

Question 5: are you a competitive gamer? If not, are you looking forward to being one? No, I like to play my games avoiding others and I'm not very competitive

Question 6: have you read the rules? (we can tell if you did) Pickle juice massacre

For now I give him a yes, he is a co owner of smallish .io clan, I'm trying to get him to merge his guys with us but currently not getting solid answers, I'll keep working on it, he said he'll send some guys from his clan over to us. Personally I wanna see some more walk and less talk but I'll bite.

He is in our discord and this is their clan discord https://discord.gg/RF3rRW ... m

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20th Dec 2017

Ok.It's good.

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20th Dec 2017

looks cool. i say yes
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20th Dec 2017

I see opportunity for him and us here. Yes from me also. Welcome to RI.

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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