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9th Jan 2018

Ultra Terrifying Disclaimer of Doom: Eg was having problems with the site and posting processes, so Ethan hired me to do it for them. 

Question 1: How did you find this clan?
I got here from sirethan when we where playing one day. Then he invited me here and wanted me to join. So here i am.

Question 2: What kinds of games do you like to play?
First person shooter, .io games, art games, almost any game

'Question' 3: Please describe yourself.
I like art, to play online games, to hang with friends and so on...ull usually find me gaming about 3-7 days a week

Question 4: What are you looking forward to in this clan?
To have contact with my online friends and to see what there gaming life is like

Question 5: Are you a competitive gamer? If not, are you looking forward to being one?
Yes, i rek, kill and win...

Question 6: Have you read the rules? (we can tell if you did)
[Formerly, it was a 'nah not really' but I shoved the rules down their throat so now the answer is] Pickle Juice Massacre

Excluding the last question (although that was quickly rectified), I'd say it's a solid app. Yes from me, though not before some forum activity ala months ago.

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"Thank you for your dark business." -Odin Dark, Fire Emblem Fates

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9th Jan 2018

Aero you don't need re-app

Sure yes from me.
Welcome back in Aero
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I'm 'cold.

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10th Jan 2018

He needs to grow up a bit in the discord but he's annoyingly active and plays the newest game the clan is trying to get in so yes from me. I'll count harcold's post as a yes. Welcome to RI

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11th Jan 2018

Yes from me.Welcome to RI

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