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Game: Stick Empires
Empiresma's Application to raging Infernos
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Joined: 25th Jul 2017
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31st Aug 2017

Please copy and paste this into your application.
(Insert Name)'s Application to Raging Infernos

Part I - About Yourself

What is your Stick Empires Username and Code?
iempiresmai 393
empiresma 836

What is your Classic rating?

What Empire do you main (use the most)?

How long have you been playing Stick Empires?
since 2014 .

Is English your First Language?
nah ofc .

What is Your Timezone?
gmt +1

Part II - In-Game Knowledge

Provide an explanation of what each Terminology is:
Kiting: it's when you select an archer or many archers (or any other unit(s) that are able to kit) and move them away from your enemy then press G then they'll hit your oponent

G-Kiting: it's the same as kiting just using G key from keyboard

Micro: controlling units and move them like a pro (lel) .

Macro: it's how you controll your economy and you choose the right abilityies/upgrades for better eco . (ofc it depends on how the game is going)

Massing: Spam a specific unit . 

Rushing: Spam a specific unit and try to attack the enemy's eco.

Turtling: camping on your own base waiting for the enemy to attack and dealing with it . 

Pressuring: it's a continuous attack for your enemy . (trying to kill your enemy by moving your unit near to your oponent each shot and try to hit him until he dies)

Stalling: Just trying to make the game longer by CA3 and walls etc..

Name the following maps (Large, Medium, Short):

Grass Hills: Large 
Desert: Medium
Swamp Lands: Short
Halloween: Medium
Forest: Medium
Castle: Short
Gates: Short
Ice World: Medium

You are playing a ranked game and half way throughout the game you see that you opponent is spear massing. What measures do you take to prevent your doom?
magikill with electric/explosion/poison + Giants + CA3 + walls . 

You are matched with a player on castle. What start would you use and why?
I hate this shorts map lol . I'll ofc use an agressive strat Archer + Sword + Sword + Sword etc . Because in short maps if you get agressive you can won the oponent easly . (depends on your micro)

Part III - Your Past

How did you find Raging Infernos?
I found about RI in SP 3 years ago (I was looking for clans but I didn't join RI )
Have you ever been in a existing clan (if the answer is yes, why did you leave)?
Dominant Empire : ded owner
DK : closed . 

Have you ever been accused of hacking or exploiting to win a game?
theoden (the known cheater and hacker) accused me for boosting cuz he were salty .

Part IV - Your Personality

If you are being Harassed at any point in the game, would to you do?
If it was alternatemark . I would act like him and have fun with him .
If it was a random guy : <><>

Please describe yourself in a few sentences.
I'm just a competitif guy who likes gaming and also soccer .

Have you read the Rules? (We can tell if you didn't)!
Pickle Juice Massacre

A link to your introduction:
Please do note that your application may be pending for a while. Be sure to stay active on the forums and Discord. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask a member of our clan, they will be happy to help.

Last Edit: 1st Sep 2017 by Empiresma
Joined: 17th Oct 2014
Rank: Leader/Admin
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31st Aug 2017

Yes, I had to tell him what macro was though lol.

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Last Edit: 31st Aug 2017 by sirEthan
Joined: 26th Feb 2016
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1st Sep 2017

You were accused of cheating so many times. Fix that part.
Joined: 1st Jul 2017
Rank: Advanced
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1st Sep 2017

a yes from me sad DK closed
Joined: 24th Feb 2016
Rank: Elder
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1st Sep 2017

im sorry DK didn't work out. im glad you decided to join to be part of the family to make up. yes from me
Joined: 26th Feb 2016
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2nd Sep 2017

Ehhh Idk if my opion is going to do anything or not but yeah, Wellcome to RI Jack

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