Aeroface (M) 10:55 PM
Empiresma 10:54 PM
Hi there
Aeroface (M) 10:50 PM
Looks like DK's lord and saviour decided to pay us a little
idie2 (M) 24th Jul
go to the apply here ( its next to RI discord) and follow the instructions there will be links to go to there if you need any further help contact someone
GoldMembership7 24th Jul
application is where?
GoldMembership7 23rd Jul
yes I want
sirEthan (Elite) 22nd Jul
Just an application, but discord if you want it, just look in the menu bar for it
GoldMembership7 22nd Jul
ok I need a application and discord?
sirEthan (Elite) 22nd Jul
Hi, be sure to make an application if you want to join the clan, just go to 'apply here' you can ask us more question at our RI Discord
GoldMembership7 22nd Jul
Heya guys Im new
Destroyer13579 (L) 22nd Jul
I will be at the beach until next Saturday. You can still find me in Discord.
OriginsoFElements (N) 21st Jul
will be forever missed :c
OriginsoFElements (N) 21st Jul
R.I.P Chester Bennington
idie2 (M) 20th Jul
there is a thing called reporting a website bug
sirEthan (Elite) 20th Jul
At all, and no one please try to reset the password because the recovery emails are bugged or shut down or something
sirEthan (Elite) 20th Jul
I've lost access to the clan alt, idk why I haven't given the password to anyone
Destroyer13579 (L) 20th Jul
Coffee, make an introduction again, and you may skip the re-apply process.
CoffeeLover 19th Jul
That would make sense... This is so statistically unlikely. A straight year and a half without any activity, and then there is the industrial revolution sh*t. LVL, you weren't joking when you said "RI is back"
William1 (M) 19th Jul
no you are good, destroyer should let you come back without one
CoffeeLover 19th Jul
Wait... I have to reapply?:/
idie2 application
Forum » Forums » Accepted Applications Locked
Joined: 1st Jul
Rank: Member
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2nd Jul

Part I - About Yourself
Hi I am idie2 and really like any sort of game. Stick empires will always be special because I remember playing stick war 2 and having a great time.  

What is your Stick Empires Username and Code? My username for stick empires is idie2 and code is 620

What is your Classic rating? currently it is 1627 thought it was once 1700  

What Empire do you main (use the most)? currently I use chaos but originally played as order 

How long have you been playing Stick Empires? A few months

Is English your First Language? yes

What is Your Timezone? eastern standard time

Part II - In-Game Knowledge

Provide an explanation of what each Terminology is:
Kiting: the act of a ranged unit firing while sill running there are two types  of kiteing forward and g kiting.

G-Kiting: G kiting is when a player hits g when an opponent is in range and then right clicks in front of the ranged unit to reload and repeat.

Micro: I don't actually know what micro or macro is but my best guess is micro is moving a small amount of units to avoid being hit while being in range

Macro: My best guess of what macro is a large amount of unit moving in a cerntaint way to be in range but not get hit by enemy projectiles.  

A spam of a single unit
making mainly army and rushing in before the enemy has a good defense
creating a very solid defense to hold out a big assault
continually pressing in and going out to chip away at the defense
you have no way of winning but you refuse to surrender and you try with your remaining troops stall the game
Name the following maps (Large, Medium, Short):

Grass Hills:large
Swamp Lands:short
Halloween: medium but personally I think it should be a small map but medium is how the game classifies it as
Forest: medium
Gates: short
Ice World:medium

You are playing a ranked game and half way throughout the game you see that you opponent is giant massing. What measures do you take to prevent your internal doom?
try to get a few giants of my own and out dps them with my eclipsors because I use them most of the time its just my personal preference and then maybe get a marroki to reap them.   

You are matched with a player on castle. What start would you use and why?

2 miner 2 crawler because anything else when using chaos is not the best idea
What is your ideal Turtle (defense set-up)?
a few giants two turrets castle dead 3 and a bunch of ecipsors (i think that's the plural) 

Part III - Your Past

How did you find Raging Infernos?
destroyer1357 told me about it

Have you ever been in a existing clan (if the answer is yes, why did you leave)?


Have you ever been accused of hacking or exploiting to win a game?

no I don't think so

Part IV - Your Personality

If you are being Harassed at any point in the game, would to you do?

tell an admin or brush it off depending on what it was

Have you read the Rules? (We can tell if you didn't)!

yes, pickle juice massacre
A link to your introduction: ( if link doesn't work its my bad it wouldn't copy past) in that case I am idie2 and I posted my intro and it is called introduction of me
Last Edit: 2nd Jul by Destroyer13579
Joined: 2nd Jul 2014
Rank: Leader
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2nd Jul

Decent application. I like it.

- Game knowledge is mostly solid, a little confusion here and there.
- Has read the rules.
- No solid history of hacking/exploiting/being reported.
- Nice attitude.

- You have been granted the "Applicant" tag. You now have more access to the forums.

My vote: Yes

(Awaiting other clan member's answers)

Signature Picture

We rage, we win, we conquer!

Last Edit: 2nd Jul by Destroyer13579
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2nd Jul

Overall not very bad. I'd have to agree with Destroyer with the "little confusing" cough cough* gates being short. But thats nothing some good ol' experience cant fix. Yes from me.
Joined: 2nd Jul 2014
Rank: Leader
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3rd Jul

Your application has been ACCEPTED.

Welcome to RI buddy

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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