Fhaiqal (N) 14th Jan
shout out to fhaiqal everyone go sub to fhaiqal great guy
sirEthan (L) 13th Jan
shoutbox lol
GoldMembership7 (Adv) 11th Jan
Hi there!
Fhaiqal (N) 11th Jan
Hello everyone
Re app
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8th Jul 2017

Sleepybear Re-application to Raging Infernos

Why did you leave RI?
Clan was died so I left and join ToW.

Do you have any unresolved fights with any of the members?

Why should we consider letting you re-join?        Because I'm was and always a loyal member of this clan and I will stay here and do my best as long as the clan still exists. Also because I have no where to go

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8th Jul 2017

I say welcome back is what I say

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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8th Jul 2017

Yeyeyeyeyeyeye from me.
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8th Jul 2017

Didn't even read it, yes.

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