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Game: Stick Empires
Zephyx's Application
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Joined: 25th Jul 2017
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25th Jul 2017


Part I - About Yourself

What is your Stick Empires Username and Code?
Name: Zephyx Code:632

What is your Classic rating?
What Empire do you main (use the most)?
How long have you been playing Stick Empires?
3 Days
Is English your First Language?
What is Your Timezone?
Part II - In-Game Knowledge

Provide an explanation of what each Terminology is:
Kiting: A ranged unit, generally attacking while moving

G-Kiting: Unsure

Micro: Unsure

Macro: Observing your enemys whole army

Massing: Unsure, guessing massing big groups of for say swordwrath together

Rushing: Rushing your units to the enemy's statue and attacking it

Turtling: Waiting for the enemy to attack and successfuly defend your statue

Pressuring: Multiple attacks on an enemys army or economy 

Stalling: Unsure

Name the following maps (Large, Medium, Short):

Grass Hills: Large
Desert: Short 
Swamp Lands: short 
Halloween: Medium
Forest: Medium
Castle: Short 
Gates: short-medium
Ice World: Large

You are playing a ranked game and half way throughout the game you see that you opponent is spear massing. What measures do you take to prevent your doom?
Magikill, use poison then electric wall

You are matched with a player on castle. What start would you use and why?
Archidon-Swordwrath, get the tower towards your advantage and try to pick off enemy miners to decrease theyre economy and advantage yourself 
Part III - Your Past

How did you find Raging Infernos?
A friend (Aeroface) 
Have you ever been in a existing clan (if the answer is yes, why did you leave)?
Never been in a clan
Have you ever been accused of hacking or exploiting to win a game?
Not once
Part IV - Your Personality

If you are being Harassed at any point in the game, would to you do?
Talk to someone of higher position, (example, im a member im being harassed, i talk to a leader) 
Please describe yourself in a few sentences.
Kind, determined and always try my best
Have you read the Rules? (We can tell if you didn't)!
Pickle Juice Massacre
A link to your intro http://raginginferno.icla ... oduction-8ppduction:

Joined: 1st Jul 2017
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25th Jul 2017

Overall solid app. I noticed you don't know all the terms and that's fine I look forward to seeing you a member but I am just a member so I don't have to much weight on the decision but i'm sure the leaders will agree that you are fine. I vote yes but you will have to wait on a few leaders to vote. In other words I like it.
Joined: 8th Jul 2017
Rank: Advocate
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25th Jul 2017

You may be a little iffy on the game terms, but it can be worked on. Overall, I think it’s p’solid - I’d say yes, but it’s really all up to the leaders.

Tell me you feel alriiight~

Last Edit: 25th Jul 2017 by Aeroface
Joined: 25th Jul 2017
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25th Jul 2017

Joined: 17th Oct 2014
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26th Jul 2017

AsePlayer is the best.

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Last Edit: 26th Jul 2017 by AsePlayer
Joined: 15th Jul 2014
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26th Jul 2017

We'll have to work on your game knowledge, but that's what clans are for! Welcome to the clan.
Joined: 2nd Jul 2014
Rank: Leader/Admin
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1st Aug 2017

Good app. Clear vote is yes here.


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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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