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5th Aug 2017

Part I - About Yourself

What is your Stick Empires Username and Code?
Droid1284 251

What is your Classic rating?
What Empire do you main (use the most)?

How long have you been playing Stick Empires?
two years
Is English your First Language?
What is Your Timezone?

Part II - In-Game Knowledge

Provide an explanation of what each Terminology is:
Kiting: making the enemy troops chasing u while u can damage it wihtout it damaging u

archers use this by running away while pressing g to shoot at the enemy troops while the enemy can not kill you

using the troops at their max potential

balancing ur army with ur eco
using only one type of troop

not attacking the enemy's troops but attacking the statue instead

going defensive and buying defensives at your own base usally is used when u cant get tower 
attacking the opponent so that he cant build up a huge force

when your going to lose but you dont surrender but fight on. Usallly buying a castle archer
Name the following maps (Large, Medium, Short):

Grass Hills:
Swamp Lands:
Ice World:

You are playing a ranked game and half way throughout the game you see that you opponent is spear massing. What measures do you take to prevent your doom?
buy dead tower and the miner shooting thingy idk what its called as well as pressure him and if u can rush him first.

You are matched with a player on castle. What start would you use and why?
2 crawlers 2 miners and order is 1 archer one sword cause its a short map and u cna elsey take advantage of ur bigger army

Part III - Your Past

How did you find Raging Infernos?
this guy named RI something invited me
Have you ever been in a existing clan (if the answer is yes, why did you leave)?
Have you ever been accused of hacking or exploiting to win a game?
Part IV - Your Personality

If you are being Harassed at any point in the game, would to you do?
Please describe yourself in a few sentences.
im 13 and i love to play games. Right now my fav is stick empires and i live in the usa.

Have you read the Rules? (We can tell if you didn't)!
A link to your introduction:
http://raginginferno.icla ... the comment section i dont know how to link it

Please do note that your application may be pending for a while. Be sure to stay active on the forums and Discord. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask a member of our clan, they will be happy to help.
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5th Aug 2017

You missed some spots in your application, I'll give it a yes if you show activity

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5th Aug 2017

I agree with sirEthan as long as your activity follows the rules.
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5th Aug 2017

you clearly haven't read the rules, but ok application. read the rules then yes from me
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7th Aug 2017

Fill in the parts that you have not filled in and it will be a yes. You have one week.

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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7th Aug 2017

Still not yessing it till I see forum posts or discord activity.

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14th Aug 2017

It's been a week.


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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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