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18th Dec 2017

Question 1 : How did you find this clan?
My friend invited me.
Question 2: what type of games do you like to play?

I play SE currently.But sametime i play LOTR conquest, and minecraft.
Question 3: what games to play right now mostly?

Stick empires(SE), and LOTR conquest.
Question 4:Why do you select or why do you login this clan?

Cause i think this clan is best.
Question 5:You are active more?How much time you're active?

Question 6: have you read the rules?

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19th Dec 2017

Please go away

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I'm 'cold.

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19th Dec 2017

Yes from me.

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Made by Harcold.Im seriously he is good at this so great artwork skill.

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19th Dec 2017

I already told you you aren't getting in goldmembership, if you make another application post on here you will get banned, and removed from the discord.


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Forum » Forums » Denied Applications. Locked
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