Fhaiqal (N) 14th Jan
shout out to fhaiqal everyone go sub to fhaiqal great guy
sirEthan (L) 13th Jan
shoutbox lol
GoldMembership7 (Adv) 11th Jan
Hi there!
Fhaiqal (N) 11th Jan
Hello everyone
My application 2
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18th Dec 2017

Question 1 : How did you find this clan?
My friend invited me.
Question 2: what type of games do you like to play?

I play SE currently.But sametime i play LOTR conquest, and minecraft.
Question 3: what games to play right now mostly?

Stick empires(SE), and LOTR conquest.
Question 4:Why do you select or why do you login this clan?

Cause i think this clan is best.
Question 5:You are active more?How much time you're active?

Question 6: have you read the rules?

Joined: 22nd Aug 2017
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19th Dec 2017

Please go away

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I'm 'cold.

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19th Dec 2017

Yes from me.

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19th Dec 2017

I already told you you aren't getting in goldmembership, if you make another application post on here you will get banned, and removed from the discord.


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