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16th Sep 2017

Hello guys now i like tihs clan
and there is repect's for other and me
so i think i will come and join this ragging infernos
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16th Sep 2017

Ok, then...we'll be waiting for your application?

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17th Sep 2017

William told him not to create a application, don't know why

Also it's "raging infernos" not ragging infernos

I'm 'cold.

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17th Sep 2017

I got a feeling that this guy is Antis trolling.
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17th Sep 2017

yea... this intro is horrible and i dont think i want to have a person that TELLS me to make them member in our clan. i know that this is not a app but i can already tell u will be annoying and obnoxious. i say NOOOOO!!!!!!
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17th Sep 2017

hmm.... I see.... a 1 words wrong, that's word "this" (on blog he write "tihs" )
And if you want become member in this clan, you must write your Introduction and Application then wait the consent of leaders.
Warning: before write Introduction and Application, you must read the rules in this page first. If you don't read it, You will be banned by it.
And I have question, that's your introduce ? (If yes, well...I don't say anything -_- )

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My real name (in Stick Empires online): ShadowLeafian11
I'm an artist (draw stickman, anime)

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18th Sep 2017

What the hell is this lol . That kid deosn't even know what's an introduction and an application .

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19th Sep 2017

if you liked the clan you would spell it correctly raging not ragging. lol good laugh
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