Update 1.0 Changelog (Major Update)
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2nd Jul 2017

Updates Applied:  7/2/2017 Update 1.0 
- Some updates may not work correctly when first applied. But we update ourselves weekly, so with any site bugs that you find, we will get right on it!

Clan Updates:

- Tired of not knowing what's happening? New updates and change logs are here to be the very first thing you see when you come online! Be sure you read the weekly updates!

- We now have our own Discord!
Come join us and talk to the clan in our new chat room!

Forums  all cleaned up! Ready for new and improved ones!

The Official Raging Infernos Constitution  has been updated! 

Make sure you read it here:

Website Changes:
IRC  room and link removed

- " IRC " heading under banner changed to " RI Discord ", click it to join the room and register yourself onto  Discord

Forums  cleared to scratch. (Still updating them with new sections, but feel free to start topics! They'll be finished soon!)

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

Forum » Forums » Website Changelog History Locked
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