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Website 1.3 Update 2/03/2018 (MAJOR)
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3rd Feb 2018

2018 Site Update 1.3 and Future Plans!

Hello everyone, this was a much needed, and in depth update to our beloved website. Many minor things have been changed that the average person wouldn't notice. These minor changes include more protection of your privacy, a new awards system in the making, new colors, new website theme, re-organized forums, and more coming on the way. 

As everyone knows, I care about everybody's security here. We make it our #1 priority that the admins make sure everyone's information is safe and secure. To improve your security, I have:

- Turned off the website's ability to show your location on the world map when going to your profile.

- Went through our member list, and deleted accounts with no to little activity. 

Something new to add is our new theme! The background is plain, but it's solid for now. The overall color scheme of the website has changed with the background as well. Like? Well, a new banner is also on the way! 

Outside of that, I have been working hard on a new Awards system. This has been in the works for far longer than it needed to be. However, soon it will be finished. 

What are awards? They tell of your achievements within the clan and through the games you play. Hit a certain milestone in a game or within the clan? You will be awarded tags to show off your progress on your profile. (currently in the making, progress is coming)

The Elder rank color has changed to a bright pink from the dark purple that was hard to see on the website's theme. 

Also, our website has a new Favicon. What the heck is that? It's that little icon in your tab bar at the top of your internet browser. Ours has changed to that white circle with the fire icon in the center. Pretty cool, I'd say. 

The DISCORD link is also fixed. 

Outside of all of this, other minor changes have happened to the website. Nothing more too worth noting. We strive to make sure your stay here is updated and comfortable! 

Thank you. Update me with any bugs or complaints with the site. 

- Destroyer

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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3rd Feb 2018
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3rd Feb 2018

the first thing I noticed, less boxes and more ovals. Seems good so far
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4th Feb 2018

I really enjoy the new icon. and glad you are back, clan in discord has been active lately so no problems atm
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4th Feb 2018

More circles and less smooth stuff, kinda like before and after order 66 lol.

But yea cool, I like this kind of stuff, I'll take out thesadist he just left the clan I guess, and I'll talk to Charrog and maybe Karon, Karon is a bit inactive and Charrog is on the discord a lot just not the website, all this to ensure our member list is caught up!

(plot twist charrog is still member)

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Last Edit: 4th Feb 2018 by sirEthan
Forum » Forums » Website Changelog History Locked
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