GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 19th Oct
Lmfao that's ok.
smeak_98 19th Oct
bro my keyboard is a bit broken
GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 18th Oct
Stop spamming.We understood you're new.
smeak_98 18th Oct
i am new
smeak_98 18th Oct
smeak_98 18th Oct
GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 16th Oct
Ethan u lazy gay boi start promotions,demotions.
Fhaiqal (Elite) 15th Oct
Fhaiqal (Elite) 15th Oct
Ethan u lazy gay boi give aero a rak already
Aeroface 13th Oct
Oi, visitors! Destroyer is streaming at 11:30 PM EST. You're welcome to join!
RI vs TZ 7.14-7.16 Non-live 4v4 Clan prep
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17th Jul 2017

Results (message me on discord if there are problems/miscalculations):
Antis's games: ... ZXfw (vs William, 2 - 0 Antis wins) ... zDvq (vs OFE, 2 - 0 Antis wins) ... mWFz (vs sirEthan, 2 - 0 Antis wins) ... DgQw (vs Gaismail, 2 - 0 Antis wins)
Rain's games: ... YjbK (vs sirEthan, 2 - 1 Rain wins) (first game, a win, is not included in the pastebin)

Spino's games: ... Jmm3 (vs William, 0 - 2 William wins) ... jw4c (vs OFE, 0 - 2 OFE wins) ... MhR5 (vs sirEthan, 1 - 2 sirEthan wins)
Zomar's games: ... 4dWY (vs William, 2 - 1 Zomar wins) ... 1dHD (vs OFE, 2 - 0 Zomar wins) ... 5CR9 (vs sirEthan, 2 - 1 Zomar wins) ... aLYp (vs Gaismail, 2 - 0 Antis wins)

Total score:
Team Zenith (Antis, Rain, Spino, and Zomar) won 19 games
Raging Infernos (William, OFE, sirEthan, and Gaismail) won 9 games.

Team Zenith wins!
Last Edit: 17th Jul 2017 by Antis
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19th Jul 2017

Everyone played well and last I checked we all had fun so congrats
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20th Jul 2017

gg, I need to work on my order a bit, I almost got zomar and antis, didn't get to play raiin but maybe next time we can win

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Last Edit: 20th Jul 2017 by OriginsoFElements
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22nd Jul 2017

Because William never played his matches with rain, guess the most tourney wins goes to me, get r4kt n00bz

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