Fhaiqal (N) 14th Jan
shout out to fhaiqal everyone go sub to fhaiqal great guy
sirEthan (L) 13th Jan
shoutbox lol
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Hi there!
Fhaiqal (N) 11th Jan
Hello everyone
Tourney results!
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10th Oct 2017

First off, lets thank sirethan for making this tourney a thing. He has brought back many faces and WyzDM possibly being back to livestreaming se, and participating in Tourneys.

[ltr] [/ltr]

GG to all who played gz to 2nd and 3rd place
(Facu, Bunchy) 
And ofc top 1 OFE    anyways I love to see you guys in the next tourney soon. Ethan bunchy and I will be hosting it. We will be discussing times. Also William and rain livestream may possibly be happening today if so ill post on shoutbox
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