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Why I left RI
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11th Jul

As many of you probably know, I resigned as Leader of Raging Infernos. A lot of people still don't quite understand the reasoning so I thought I'd explain it here. Getting right into it, I just wanted to say, not all the people I mention are actually who I blame for making my experience with RI negative. I will also be backing up my points with some screenshots. I can't backup everything because Ethan kicked me from the RI discord channel, which I'll get into later.
First off, the one person who made me actually end up hating my experience with RI for however long was Ethan.I would put majority of the blame on him. I definitely do not think he should be a leader (not that any of the sh*t I'm bitching about fucking matters). I would actually say OFE deserves to be a Leader, he's not immature, does not abuse power, and isn't overall a bad person at all. He is a very strong player in Stick Empires and he actually knows all of my passwords because of how much I trust him.
[Getting into why Ethan is why I left] Ethan basically acted as if he was above me in RI, when I was the leader. Whenever something became annoying to him it was a problem, but if something annoyed me, it didn't matter. He still acts like hes on top of everyone. He was telling me I was breaking rules when he threatened to get my "Real IP address," which joke or not, is not something a leader should say. Recently whenever he got Leader, he also kicked me from the Raging Infernos Discord channel, because I was "Trash talking." What this basically was was me calling him garbage at SE, which I still stand by, and him getting all butt-hurt. Now the thing is, I did tell him to shut up pretty kindly. And he was the first to talk to me when I did not say anything to him. After I told him to shut up (kindly), he said "All I want is too play 1 game with you Theo," or some bullshit of the sort. At this point I was still in the channel, but when I told him, that he wants to play, but I don't and wasn't going to, he kicked me from the chat. This was for not fucking playing a game with him on a stick game. Very mature like of an Admin to do. When I direct messaged him, confronting him for this, he just blocked me for a bit. Proof: 
He said the reason for the kick was because I was being rude, mean or other fucking bullshit, but I can debunk this with one statement. Why did he not kick me for this before? There wasn't any warning afterwards. Why was it that he kicked me AFTER, I rejected a request to play a game with his garbage self?
Whenever I was abusing Admin on IRC he called me immature for doing so, yet here he is doing the exact same fucking thing. Now revenge can't be a reasoning because that's immature of a leader to do. He says that he thinks that he's a better leader, I think all these things can prove that wrong. Now something I wanted to post as a side note. This guy thebigboney, was acting as if he was a higher rank in RI when he wasn't at all, and then when he gets accepted, all he does is agree with the higher up ranks, looking to get a promotion so he can get more power, just found this quite funny. Also, back when I left RI and got banned from the site, Destroyed said OFE might have banned me, while he was inactive. Now I'm not so sure I believe this but either way. I have never had a problem with OFE what so ever. Finally at the end of all this, I'd like to say this.
OFE, Gais, Destroyer, Ase, if you EVER need member, let me know, I've got you guys
I will definitely be updating this soon, so stay tuned for that, unless of course if I get banned, lol.
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11th Jul

Locking this, Theo you trashed talked the discord calling me and Karon junk basically, you wouldn't play me a game to back up your claim that you where better then me, saying that you would rather spend the time doing something else.

Manipulation - Today at 12:54 PM
kick me because I dont wanna play u on SE
what maturity
Then dont f!cking talk to me mat
I never said a single f!cking word to you to start a conversation
Antis put it 100% right in words, your just a f!cking troll
sirEthan - Today at 12:55 PM
This is why you where kicked
Just be nice bro
Manipulation - Today at 12:55 PM
"this is why you were kicked"
sirEthan - Today at 12:56 PM
u don't have to call everyone below you trash and garbage
Manipulation - Today at 12:56 PM
Aww did I hurt ur feelings?
I didn't f!cking talk to u
and I told u told kindly shut the f!ck up
OFE > Ethan Leader

It's this talk that got you banned, please don't bring up silly arguments here, you are welcome in the clan if you be nicer and respect people more. This is simple, if you say stuff like this-sirEthan - Today at 12:46 PM
Just because someone isn't top 20 doesn't mean they stink
Karon is a decent player, not the best
thebigboney - Today at 12:46 PM
If you call karon trash then I must be puke
Manipulation - Today at 12:46 PM
No he isnt
and thats the thing
u think hes decent because he can beat u
I think hes trash because he cant beat me

Your gonna be kicked.

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WHOA WHOA WHOA Why am I in this. And why does oden think hes better then me? Lmao i beat him several times as a 1900 scrub (his boosting days). He isnt bad. But he isnt good. Or at least better than me lol
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13th Jul

I'm not really taking a side. I just want to say that as I see it, although he (Manipulation) insulted you (sirEthan) from the start, as a leader you shouldn't instigate/put more wood into the fire of an argument. You decide to continue the argument instead of dropping the subject. And I don't see an explicit warning in the message log. Perhaps you were semi-justified, but I'd warn you of immaturity and power abuse when in a position such as Leader.
Message dump for those of you interested: ... G3b2

Obviously though this is some kind of personal feud that has most likely been lasting longer than this conversation.
Last Edit: 13th Jul by Antis
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13th Jul

Karln, when I sucked at the game, you had trouble beting me, and I won well majority of our games by far, now your like absolutely garbage lol.
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13th Jul

Have to agree with Antis espciaclly since ur a scrub talking sh*t about me. pretty sad u cant even prove u have skill since u boosted like hell and pretty much ruined Miscrit's reputation.U loss to me when i was trash at the game. U cant even say u beat me alot bc u never accept my game invites and u oosed in every single rank game. So i mean u cant say anything until u play now =/
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13th Jul

Yes I can, I never oosd u iranked and I also did beat u a lot, quite evident on my accounts
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13th Jul

I have no evidence because u oosed the games. Pathetic. I was on alternatemrklag u were InfernoxTheOden CVC Halloween (OOSED) And then i went on like a 5 game winning streak on my karon2 acc and u were sparta1901 and what u do in all those games? (OOS) I loss -30 points when i couldve gained over 75 but didnt get sh*t because u a scrub who ooses. Ur rly rly bad. U have no chance against me now. But since ur on now. Play me since u think ur "good"
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13th Jul

You saw me tell Gaismail I was unlocking this didn't you Antis, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Anyway I only unlocked this because Gaismail said he wanted to say something, Theo you never accept peoples games anymore to prove how strong you are, if you beat me or karon you are welcome to post them here before I lock this thread, when Gaismail posts I'm locking this again, me and Destroyer don't want this going around RI.

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13th Jul

I don't need to prove anything to you. All your doing is making BS karon. I never played a single fucking ranked game with you on InfernoxTheoden or Sparta1901 that I lost, also I almost never ranked Sparta.
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14th Jul

Goodbye to this thread.


Both of you fucking know better. Acting like a bunch of children over nothing.

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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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