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Double Clanning EXPLAINED
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23rd Dec 2017

 So this subject has been talked about some, I got D's opinion and since it's being thrown around in RI I'll state its rules here, this is up for discussion but as long as no one opposes this, this will be the official ruleset on the matter, that Destroyer can add into the rules when he redoes it anyway.
 So basically, the no double clanning rule is super old rule in RI that has become more and more irrelevant , as the internet around us has grown we run into problems like... "what if RI doesn't play this game and I want to join a clan that does"... "what if this game supports clans within it, can I not join one?" And then of course... What do we recognize as a clan?

 So pretty much, you can't have any major role in another clan, if they have a discord and clan and so forth, ok... But if they make you admin and co leader or a higher ranked member, that's not ok. If you are playing a game that supports clans within it, you can even make one, it would be silly for RI to say that you can't make a clan within a game, but if you go out making a discord and website about that clan then well, that's not ok.

 Also this only applies to communities that officially call themselves clans, if we paired this rule with basic communities where then would we draw the line? We don't want RI to become a religion but at the same time we want our members treating RI like its their home and main gaming clan so the community can keep its family atmosphere and members from possibly making more competition for us.

Hope everyone agrees with this, also let me know below if I make my threads to long, a little reading never hurt anybody can it can be boring.

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23rd Dec 2017

I agree with most of it.
However, I do not agree that we cannot admin/run another clan in a high-up position. I feel like if it does not interfere with RI, why should it matter? As long as it doesn't affect anything with RI, I think that you should be able to run another clan. Obviously, I think that you shouldn't start/join a clan with a game that RI already exists in. Here's an example of what I feel. Let's say you're in another clan on a game, and RI moves to that game. Why should you be forced to leave that clan? Another example is that if you're in multiple online communities, why should you not be able to interact and engage with those other communities in such a way as a clan. RI shouldn't punish you for that. As long as it doesn't interfere with RI, I feel as if it should be fine.

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22nd Jan

I'd agree with that, since nobody else is replying to the thread that'll be the new rule then.

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