Pax Orderia (M) 19th Sep
~~Does crossout text function here?~~
GoldMembership7 (Advoc) 16th Sep
I think so,you're sexy guy ever I seen.
Harcold (Advoc) 16th Sep
I remember Harcold. Nice guy pretty sexy
How did you get you're internet name?
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21st Sep 2017

Title says it all, state you're stories below!

Mine was like this, I was registering for SE and when the younger me thought what to name myself, I thought putting a sir before my name would be fitting to the game theme!

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22nd Sep 2017

Well, I kinda just thought it up one day, then looked it up several times to see if anyone else used it, then decided to dissect the name and research it further...I found a little, uh..."thorn", but I use the name to this day anyways.

Guzzlord, in my opinion, is the most fearsome looking Ultra Beast. I also think that Guzzlord has the coolest typing of the Ultra Beasts...and it is, bar none, THE most adorable Ultra Beast there is.

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22nd Sep 2017

well for me I just made it as a joke and then stuck with it I die 2 as in I die as well.
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23rd Sep 2017

Well I was playing this indie flash game and I named myself "king Harold," but I accidentley put a C in the middle making it Harcold. Just stuck with it
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I'm 'cold.

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25th Sep 2017

when i first registered to stick empires, i wanted to put william as user name but it was already taken so i choose william1 just because it wasn't taken lol. but it also means william is number one XD
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25th Sep 2017

I haven't seen you on that account? What about wildabeast?
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28th Sep 2017

I was a sad unpopular 11 year old in my grade. Came up with "Destroyer13579" for nearly every single game growing up :3
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We rage, we win, we conquer!

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