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24th Jul 2018

Ok boiz, it's time for the legendary tradition of... Promos!
You've matured a lot, you've been very active and haven't caused much arguments in RI, you really deserve this promotion. I considered you to be next admin, keep it up and you'll move up the ranks. Try to get in some of the games that we play a bit more and game with us some

Congratz on the promo, you've been active and haven't caused any conflicts in the server, try to post in our website a bit more and be more active, you're in line for Elite.
Glad to see you back in the clan, you're very active and play lots of games with the clan, I hope you like green >:0
You've done well being active, maturing up well, and you've been getting into sc2, glhf wif dis new position.

And now the member top member in promotions, awarded admin and double promo for his activity, helped with the website development, participation and devotion to our gaming events, applications and discord.
Hope you like the Elite spot, be sure to stay positive in our discord and keep up the work!

gg wp everyone next promo should be around mid Sept

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24th Jul 2018

OMG!!!! I never thought i will be elite that's to hot thanks Ethan love you m8

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Don't Blame Me I was Born Awsome

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24th Jul 2018

Thank you pretty much!!!!!!!!! But I didn't understand that ''I considered you to be next admin'' also green is my fav color.

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24th Jul 2018

Dude thank you so much. My mum is so proud of me
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I'm 'cold.

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24th Aug 2018

Well when are the next promos gonna be? Just asking.
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