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27th Nov

Note: Before I left, I saw this as a forum topic and didn’t think much of it at the time. However, I remembered it a while before the time of writing, so here I am.

Another Note: GoldMembership asked me if my account was “hacked” yesterday. So I’ll say this now: My SE account now belongs to someone else.

So...RI. A fun clan I stumbled across that had some cool people in it. Still does. While many planned events never actually happened, it was a blast being around the entire time. Despite all of this, I left. Why?

Well, throughout most of my time spent in this clan, I could always focus on it. I had almost nothing else to do back then, so I just chilled and had fun with everyone else, also talking to other people on SE and Discord. I was ready for a few events as well.

As time went by, I slowly began to find myself having tasks (school, family, other servers, personal projects/stuff) to carry out. This was no big deal at first, but these new things started to become more and more important to me. RI began to become more and more inactive at this point in time, and although it took a while, it was overshadowed by the issues and was lower on my priority list. I distanced myself from RI once before because of these issues, but I came back again because I still cared about the clan. I wanted to follow RI through its reconstruction, but stuff kept getting harder.

Push turned to shove, and I simply had to drop out permanently (I told William that I’d come back if the clan became more active, but I likely wouldn’t manage). After leaving, I felt like I had more space to breathe because I didn’t have any reason to care anymore. Now, is that extremely selfish? Yes, it is. But I value what I’m working on a lot now, and while it actually kinda hurts to do it (not lying, it was honestly really fun being in this clan/community), I have to leave. So goodbye.

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27th Nov

What stupid fucking sh*t, That's how you pay Ismail for this? He got you adminship and you do whatever you want, you acted like IMysteryI, Instead of being smart ... you screw everything (meaning this)

What a shame, others peeps wants to be admin and you giving ur acc away like nothing, sometimes it's better think 3 or more times. Btw, its all ok if u have stuff to do, everything is not for fun sometimes ;c

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28th Nov

f*ck YOU! Atleast give me the account back! The motherfucker who has the account is abusing power and many players are spamming me on Messenger and complaining to me. f*ck YOU ONCE AND f*ck YOU TWICE! You lost my respect.
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28th Nov

i am the holder of his account and we had a talk, your little complainers might be at rest
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28th Nov

Its cool I'm ok with your decision, I'd like the clan growing and if we have major progress in that I'll hit you up and let you know.

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29th Nov

its sad to see you leave, you were one of my favorite members of this clan. I don't like how you gave away your SE account though. You should have talked to Gais about giving your account away first before giving it to a random player. anyways, you will be missed. GL with the world
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29th Nov

Not sure if he gave it out randomly tbh, maybe he selected someone and they didn't live up to what he said, anyway its all weird and muddled because visionary is his other account name so this brings up lots of questions, either way I don't know the facts myself.

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29th Nov

It is ok to leave but if you are going to give your SE account away give it at least to someone responsible or better yet talk to gaismail
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30th Nov

You just joined SE for few months and got adminship for your account , you deserve the scamm lol .

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4th Dec

Hey just to let some know, Aeroface didn't just give his account away, I talked with him, nobody cuss him out please, the person he gave it too just went too far, Aeroface shut down the account.

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