sirEthan (L) 9th Dec
people have just been doing other things recently it isn't a bad thing
Good bye I guess
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9th Sep

Hey everyone, PennyGais here,  gaismail, or gais as many of you guys call me. Just came by to drop a message to my beloved friends. Well I'll just cut to the chase... I'm leaving. Yes, for a long time. Life is a b*tch, and I have to focus on college now more than anything. It's been great being a part of this clan and the Stick Empires Community, despite the cancer. Stick Empires used to mean a lot to me and in all honesty, it still does and as  many of you witnessed, I tried my best to keep it alive. But sadly it was impossible, so I had to let it drown. Good bye everyone ! I'm going to miss you all!

My message to AsePlayer: I'm sorry for being a pile of sh*t, a fucking idiot. Life caught me by the neck, and I was extremely busy. I wish we could resume and work together again. It means a lot to me. You may be asking why I didn't PM you in Discord and told you all this sh*t before, well it's because I had no balls since I was being a lazy fucktard. I'm sorry. 
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10th Sep

well.... GoodBye i guess

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Don't Blame Me I was Born Awsome

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10th Sep

This is sad news, Good luck with life, gaismail.
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10th Sep

Cya later dude nice knowing you

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11th Sep

Goodbye,you will never be forgot/forgetten (you know my English is bad) ;(
I will miss you,see you later.

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13th Sep

Farewell Gaismail! It was nice knowing you for the short tenure that I have existed within the SE community, and I bid you good luck with college and life! From everything I've seen, I can certainly tell how dedicated you were to Stick Empires, to a point of zeal that makes me smile constantly when reflecting upon it. We shall all miss you!
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17th Sep

Well..i was not a good friend to you gais,but this is really sad. I can understand ur feelings..because i can play SE 1 time a month or impossible to play now because of studying.. yeah life is a sh*t but it is also beautiful. Hope u will be successful in real life too gais. Cheer up!
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