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14th Oct Robotlord662 (Advoc) replied to the topic Goodbye?
i do know about the cr clan. but im the leader of a far better clan. and se is d...
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14th Oct Harcold (Banned) befriended Robotlord662 (Advoc)
22nd Sep Robotlord662 (Advoc) created a new topic Goodbye?
Well... I guess I'm leaving RI. I haven't played SE in ages, yet I've still stuc...
24th Aug Robotlord662 (Advoc) replied to the topic FacuFeri4's application
Yes from me... better here than DK
22nd Aug Robotlord662 (Advoc) created a new topic Furthest Distance You've Ran?
I just ran 8.4 miles without stopping... what's the furthest you all have ran wi...
21st Aug Robotlord662 (Advoc) created a new topic Robot's Re-Application
Copy and Paste this into your Re-Application (Insert Names) Re-application to ...
4th Aug Robotlord662 (Advoc) created a new topic Discord Quotes
Remember IRC quotes? well here it's back except with Discord. You all know what ...
2nd Aug Robotlord662 (Advoc) created a new topic Robot's Re-Re-Introduction
<inserted unoriginal name> hey im robot. beep boop beep boop. se is dead now i p...

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