New Years Showdown 2
New Years Showdown 2
Scheduled Start:
4:00 PM Sun 5th Jan
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Double Elimination
Entrance Fee:

The second New Years Showdown tournament, prize pool 50 US Dollars. Bring your A games!

All rules listed below, failure to follow can result in DQ or other punishments.

double elemination & single elemination ruleset

-Elemental is banned
-Matches are played in classic
-Your starting empire for every set must be the same, You will announce this when you sign up.
- After each game, the winner first announces if they are changing empire or not. Then, the loser will announce if they are changing empire. If the loser does change empire, they forfeit map pick, even if the winner also changes empire. Otherwise, loser picks map.
- All games are decided by 12 minutes. Whoever controls tower at 12 minutes is the winner.

- If the game is lagging (to the point where it is unplayable), take a screenshot and send it to a host.
- No using any known exploits (of course). If what your opponent is doing is questionable, take a screenshot and send it to a host
- No vulgar language during games - disqualification may result.
Please refrain from:
- Using Castle Unit 3 in any empire. They have been banned to reduce stall.
- Positioning ranged units on the bottom of the map to avoid being hit by other ranged units. This is a serious bug that while hard to do, can be set up, and is not allowed.
-Playing on Swamp, Castle and halloween.

15th Sep

How do you play Raging Infernos
How do you Join Tournament

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27th Dec 2019
sirEthan (Admin)

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